Why we need your donations…

The primary funding source for the project ends in December 2018. After this, the continued maintenance and success for the experiment will depend on donations. Obviously, more funds will expand the scope and importance of the scientific questions we can address but the basic maintenance and baseline measurements necessary to continue the really critical work are only a few thousand US dollars per year. In particular, we ask for your help to support the salaries of a few local field assistants in keeping the experiment running. This will not only ensure the continuation of this unique experiment but also contribute to building scientific capacity of the next generation of Peruvian environmental scientists!

On top of this critical core funding, we also have a “wish list” of equipment which would dramatically accelerate and enhance the science program:

Hyperspectral Imaging Drone

This would enable us to take regular images of the canopies within and around the experimental plots to pick up subtle changes in the canopy chemistry and structure.

Integrated Fog Monitoring System

A “visibility sensor” of the type used at airports would allow us to do  a much better job of monitoring the amount and type of fog coming up the valley, and how much that is excluded by the cloud curtain.

Automatic Stem Sensors

We want to use these fancy sensors to pick up rapid, tiny changes in stem diameter caused by shifts in the amount of water taken up and lost by tree canopies.

Plant CO2 and Water Measuring Machine

To tease apart the effects of the experiment on how plants process water and carbon, we need a specialized machine that can record fluxes of CO2 and water from individual leaves under a variety of different conditions.

As way of thanks, we can offer the following gifts dependent on donation level:

$20: Inclusion in the project web list which provides regular project updates, field stories/photographs/videos and summaries of latest data emerging from the field.

$250: A beautiful hardback photobook detailing day to day life at the experiment as a field assistant and surrounding flora and fauna.

$500: A guided tour of the experiment by one of the field assistants or project personnel (travel and accommodation not covered but we can help with booking and all other logistical details).

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