After interminable obstacles and delays, once everyone and everything was in place construction has gone remarkably quickly and smoothly. The experiment and control plot are now fully installed and instrumented, ready to provide some of the clearest insights yet into the potential impacts of future climate change on cloud forests.

This project would never have gotten anywhere without the dedication and determination of a large number of people. I can’t really express well how much their help and friendship has meant to me. First and foremost- John Kelson has been indefatigable driver behind this project over the years. Few, if any, other engineers would have undertaken and embraced such a crazy idea. This project is a testament to him. Grant Taylor was a massive help during the field and construction process. Everyone at ACA was essential throughout the whole process but particularly when coordinating permits and site logistics. In particular, I thank them for allowing the experiment to be installed on their land. I hope their confidence and trust is repaid with a unique contribution to scientific knowledge of the ecosystem they work so tirelessly to protect. I want to thank Darcy, Beisit, Walter and everyone else at ABIDA who have been the most rigorous and dedicated field scientists and project coordinators i know, transforming my vague and wild ideas into effective scientific programs that actually function under field conditions. Finally I want to thank all the local peoples around Wayqecha who have been essential for the project either for regular scientific monitoring and/or during experiment construction and maintenance.