Dan Metcalfe

Dan Metcalfe
University Lecturer

Dan is a lecturer at the University of Lund, Sweden. He has a long history of work at Wayqecha, starting in 2007 when he helped to install some of the first carbon monitoring plots in the region. Since then he developed a wide range of interests in tropical, boreal and arctic systems involving plant-soil-animal interactions and ecosystem biogeochemistry.

Beisit Luz Puma Vilca
Fieldwork & Science Coordinator

Biologist, with a degree from the National University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco, Peru; focusing on physiology and cell metabolism of plants.

Beisit Luz Puma Vilca
Beisit Luz Puma Vilca

Darcy Galiano Cabrera
Project coordinator, president of ABIDA

My first contact with the cloud forest was in the land of my grandparents and my parents, they were farmers, since I was little I was familiar with these type forests. The first job I did was as a research assistant in a project that studied the distribution and demography of the Weinmannia genus in an altitudinal gradient in the Manu National Park (PNM), after which I worked as a field coordinator in a research project that studied the carbon cycle along a transect from the tree line in the PNM to the amazon in the Tambopata National Reserve. I am currently coordinating the present project that seeks to understand how it would affect the reduction of water in the form of fog and rain to the cloud forest.

Aline Horwath
Research Assistant

Aline is a canopy biologist fascinated by the hidden wonders of the unexplored canopy, especially in tropical montane cloud forests. Since 2007, Aline has been involved in ecophysiological studies related to climate change. Her main focus has been the use of stable isotopes and epiphytic bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) as climatic indicators in tropical ecosystems. Since 2013 Aline has been working as a freelance scientist, educator, field-botanist, and canopy biologist in India, Trinidad & Tobago, Europe, and Peru.

Aline Horwath
Luis Miguel Alvarez Mayorga

Luis Miguel Alvarez Mayorga
Research Assistant

I am a biologist, I finished my studies at the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco – Peru. I focus in Ecophysiology of plants in the cloud forest of Manu National Park – Peru. Currently, I am studying Water Potential in a cloud forest in Cusco and monitoring the permanent plots of GEM – Peru.

Maria Edith Ezquerra Condori
Researcher (herbivory)

I am a Peruvian biologist, got my degree at the University of San Antonio Abad del Cusco. I work for ABIDA, in the project I am in charge of the estimation and analysis of herbivory and net primary productivity of the forest canopy.

Luis Miguel Alvarez Mayorga
Jimmy Ronal Chambi Paucar

Jimmy Ronal Chambi Paucar
Research assistant & botanist

I am a Peruvian Botanist and I have been involved in various ABERG projects since 2008. I obtained my degree from the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco, focusing on taxonomy, diversity, and ecology. I am passionate about the tree flora of montane cloud forests and tropical lowland Amazonia. I am interested in nature photography & bird watching.

Roxy Cruz
PhD student


Kathrin Rousk (Copenhagen University, Denmark)

I am an ecosystem ecologist with a special interest in plant-bacteria associations and biogeochemical cycles in pristine ecosystems. My research focuses on the factors that promote and inhibit nitrogen fixation by moss-associated cyanobacteria.

Field Assistants

María Olivia Arce Ttito
Jesus Manuel Bañón Sánchez
Yaquelin Yesenia Ccasa Coaquira
Fernando Hanncco Pacha
Dennis Raphael Yañac Guevara
Mario Vladimiro Sanchez Condori
Kevin Jordan Simon Delgado Gil
Roxana Sacatuma Cruz
Mary Ortiz de Orué Gomez
Gloria Rayme Paucar
Milenka Montoya Pillco
Joseph Montes Cueva
Yulin Li Mamani Gutierrez